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SDC Publishing, LLC

SDC is an independent publishing company founded for the sole purpose of offering a chance to publish books to new and aspiring authors.

Who we are.

 A business is born out of necessity.

       "My first novel, published with an independent publisher, came close to costing me $3,000. I wanted to offer a less expensive way to publish books for myself and for other authors. That is why I started SDC Publishing, LLC."

Allen F. Mahon, Founder SDC Publishing, LLC

 SDC Publishing can help you.

           Publishing a book in the traditional manner involves finding a literary agent. Traditional publishing companies will not deal directly with an author. They will only consider manuscripts submitted by an agent you must hire and pay. Even with an agent, the chances of getting your book published is very small. The publisher will hold the copyright. They will also make you sign an exclusive contract which means, if you write another book you can only publish through them. If you do manage to get them to publish your book, you will get pennies on the dollar for royalties.

Self-publishing is taking over the book business. With more and more authors entering the publishing world, the self-published or Indie-author is becoming the dominant force. There are several ways to self-publish. 

•        You can hire a vanity publisher that will print your book for you in a predetermined number of copies. It will be up to you to sell or give away your books. There is no distribution through channels to book stores and institutions.

•       You can use a “self-publishing” company that will get your book published much the same as a traditional publisher. The marketing and publicity will be all up to you. They charge for a basic package and add on additional services. 

•       Then there is our service. We offer the same basic service as the other self-publishing companies but for much less. What we charge for is our labor publishing your book. Not only that but you keep total control over the process. You retain copyright of your book. You decide on the retail price of your book. You select size, interior paper, cover design and have the final say of the finished book. You get a Kindle edition on Amazon as well as a paperback listing, an author WEB page.  There is never a charge for the initial consultation and manuscript evaluation. We are also available to answer any and all of your question. You will be assigned an agent to guide you through the whole process.

Contact SDC Publishing, LLC

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