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"There is ever-changing beauty in all that surrounds us, from the spectacular to the seemingly mundane, and my job as an artist is to draw attention to the opportunity for raw appreciation of each fleeting moment."

Holly B. Clary

Holly B. Clary

Holly Clary is an elementary art teacher and local artist. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Roanoke College & a Master of Arts in Teaching from Hollins University. She loves spending time with her husband and their snuggly dogs, horses, and chickens. Her hobbies include all things art-related, reading, writing, learning new things, thrift shopping, and being outside hiking, biking, horseback riding, vegetable gardening, porch pondering, or hammock napping!

Fables From the North

 If Aesop had traveled north to the “Land of the Midnight Sun” his tales may have included many Arctic animals such as shaggy musk oxen, powerful polar bears and majestic moose. This book retells eight timeless fables with a beautifully illustrated look at how life is different in the cold, northern

climate. Each fable has a moral or lesson to be learned. Four of the fables in this book are The Orca and the Puffin, The River Otter and the Beavers, The Aurora Borealis and the North Star and The Walrus and the Wolf. 

Nest Quest
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