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     Publishing a book can be a confusing and scary process. As the founder of SDC Publishing, LLC this was the case when I published my very first novel. I wanted to create a company that would guide aspiring authors and illustrators painlessly through the process of getting their work published. I also wanted to make the experience affordable and deliver a quality product.

     If you would like to join our family of authors, poets and illustrators, please go to our "Contact" page and get in touch with us. We can help you achieve your dreams.

Allen F. Mahon,

Founder and President, SDC Publishing, LLC

Services we offer

If you contract to publish with SDC you will get the following standard services with our Basic Publishing Package…


• A published book in trade paperback format.

• Standard interior formatting.

• Black and white/cream interior printing or full color.

• Customizable cover. Standard choices, use ours or your photos.

• Book size/format choices. Many to choose from.

• A non-exclusive contract.

• Author maintains ALL rights.

• Author sets the retail price.

• A price embedded bar code on the book back cover.

• An assigned ISBN.

• Your book is automatically listed on Amazon.

• Worldwide wholesale availability.

• Wholesale availability through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Availability to schools and libraries, public and private. Also big box and brick and mortar book stores.

• An E-book edition.

• A Kindle edition (optional).

• Author discount on copies for book signings and promotions.

Details of services for the basic publishing package

   Upon receiving your manuscript we will read and determine if it is something we would like to publish. Manuscripts will not be published if they are pornographic, contain hate language against any race, nationality, religion or any other group or organization. SDC Publishing will send you the results of our analysis in a reasonable amount of time and approve, suggest changes or reject your manuscript with a full explanation of why. This is all done at no charge to you.

           What you get with the basic publishing package is a complete professional paperback book published to industry standards.

Binding is high-quality perfect bound. There is a minimum of 18 pages for a single book. The maximum page count is 1,000 for publication in sizes 6 x 9 and smaller. Larger books can be 1,150 pages.

You get standard interior formatting. This includes a title page, a copyright page, author name and book title printed at the top of opposing pages, page numbering, dedication and acknowledgement pages, formatting to fit industry standard margins and added features such as drop caps and custom chapter titles.

      A choice of white or cream interior pages. White is preferred if there are images. All paper is 30% recycled and is acid free. The paper used meets all library archival standards.

         Book covers are fully customizable. There are 30 standard styles to choose from. Each style is available in several fonts. Colors or color combinations are many. You may choose a custom image from our suggestions or provide one of your own. Cover images must be a minimum of 300 dpi. You may also provide a custom built cover of your own. Custom covers must meet printing standards.

    The book size is totally up to you. We highly recommend the publishing standard of 6 x 9 inches. There are 15 basic sizes and an unlimited number of custom sizes.

        You get a non-exclusive contract. This means SDC Publishing does not put any restrictions on your copyright or publishing options for any books you publish through us or any books you write or publish in the future.

"You as the author maintain all rights."

"You set the retail price of your book."

A price embedded bar code will be included on the back cover of your book in the lower right hand corner.

              Your book will be assigned an ISBN number. An ISBN is the 13 digit International Standard Book Number that will be assigned to your book. There will be an ISBN number for every version of your book.

Your paperback book will be automatically listed on

Your book will have worldwide wholesale availability through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Your book will be available to retail book stores both brick and mortar and web based.

Your book will be available to libraries, schools and institutions.

You will get an e-book edition (if requested). The e-book will be in PDF format.

You will get a Kindle edition. Kindle is quickly becoming the leader in book sales. This is optional and totally up to you.

                We will manage your paperback wholesale sales for you. You will receive a monthly report and a check for royalties earned. We can also do direct deposit. A monthly fee applies. 

We also offer the following services…

Professional manuscript copy editing. We will meticulously scan your manuscript to find any errors both in punctuation and grammar. Copy editing is done on Word documents only. Any other formats must be converted to Word before editing. 

Manuscript transcription to a formatted word document. If your manuscript is not in a word document form (.doc), such as hand written or typed. 


We can ghost write your whole book or parts of your book if you cannot manage. This service is for partial (unfinished) manuscripts or complete story outlines. 

We can also take your story idea and make it come to life through Story Consultation. A Project Manager will guide you through the process and one of our staff of writers will create a finished story from your ideas. The results will be a finished manuscript. There is an hourly fee for this service plus a per word ghost writing fee. Publication fees apply if you choose SDC Publishing for final publication.

pricing page for costs.